IM C6500


Extending production-like performance to the office environment, the RICOH IM C6500 is a departmental powerhouse. Quality and performance go hand in hand. Vibrant, high-quality colour output is produced at express speed and can be punched, stapled, folded and bound inline ready for distribution. Indeed, with the IM C6500 on hand, professional results are assured no matter whether you are printing everyday business documents or creating professionally finished marketing collateral.

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Sharing the same intuitive interface as other RICOH Intelligent Devices, the IM C6500 is incredibly easy to use. Its super-sized 10.1” Smart Operation Panel wakes on approach and our Smart applications automate everyday processes. What is more, with RICOH Always Current Technology™, new features and applications can be installed on demand. The same touchscreen panel also supports the use of enterprise solutions, such as StreamLine NX, which help to ensure security and compliance.

  • IM C6500 is a long-term solution to rapidly evolving business needs
  • Effortlessly meet demanding departmental imaging requirements
  • Produce high quality sales and marketing collateral inhouse
  • Fold, staple, punch and bind output in line for a professional finish
  • New applications can be installed as your requirements change
  • Stunning high-resolution colour print is produced at express speed
  • Mobile workers can interact seamlessly with the intelligent device

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